Balakrishna and chiranjeevi have historically been rivals. They were first and second when they were at their best. Additionally, it is well known that the communities in question are rivals. During NTR's rule, vangaveeti Ranga was slain. At the time, the tdp government was blamed for that by the opposition party Congress, who also gave it a caste-based spin, causing a rift between the kamma and Kapu communities. balakrishna and chiranjeevi became symbols of the groups affected by that rift after that.

For the most of their careers, chiranjeevi had the advantage in movies, but in politics, balakrishna was the clear winner. The rivalry also diminished as they aged. The competition lost its shine after chiranjeevi suffered an embarrassing loss. But recently, things have shifted a little. Balakrishna's career all of a sudden began to shine. With the Unstoppable programme, balakrishna has gained a great deal of popularity following the success of Akhanda. With that show, he also grew closer to the family audience.

This time frame briefly overlapped with Chiranjeevi's demise. Despite having chiranjeevi and Charan as several stars, acharya badly failed. For the first time in Chiranjeevi's professional life, the openings were also impacted. GodFather is up next. Despite receiving some favourable reviews, the movie fell short of everyone's expectations. Mega fans were agitated by Balakrishna's ascension at a time when Chiranjeevi's stardom was under question. Given that Waltair Veerayya competes with Balakrishna's Veera simha Reddy, they have taken it very seriously.

To make the "mediocre" content popular, they gave it their all. Sankranthi season was also a huge help. Due to the extreme hostility and uneasiness around balakrishna, there was a social media uproar demeaning Balakrishna. Veera simha Reddy receiving Hit status saved it from being much worse. They came to the conclusion that Balakrishna's newly discovered popularity with the family audience was the cause of those figures.

Balakrishna provided them a chance at that time with his "Thokkineni" remarks. Fans of Mega took the situation more seriously than those of Akkineni. Additionally, they saw to it that Kapunadu members suffered harm in sv Rangarao's honour. When balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan's Unstoppable programme airs, we'll have to see how they react. On top of that, pawan kalyan is attempting to forge a partnership with the tdp while underestimating this "fringe" attitude.

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