Any year's january film releases should be divided into "before Sankranti" and "after Sankranti" categories. Every year on sankranti, major motion pictures are released. This season will often be dominated by one movie. The identical scene happened again in january 2023. At this time, "huge" is in charge! The first week of january always seems drab at the box office when movies are prepared for Sankranti. That makes sense. 

The circumstance is the same as it was in the first week of january this year. There were released indie films such Pratyarthi, Michael Gang, Dostan, and journey to Kashi. These movies, all of which were released with the goal of playing for three days, have all failed. After these films, Mahesh Babu's classic movie "Okkadu" had a new release. On the first day, it sounded good. However, it can't be added to the hits list. This movie is being shown in a small number of theatres for fans.

The hoopla surrounding the sankranti flicks began with "Tegimpu." The hero of this film, Ajith, did not enjoy much success in Telugu. Tegimpu was acknowledged as Ajith's biggest tollywood release because no other major movie was playing in theatres at the time. Aside than that happiness, few cinema tickets were sold for this production.

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