pooja hegde, an actress, has been promoting the beverage company "Maaza," and she now has nagarjuna Akkineni, the King, on her side. The latest television commercial (TVC) for Maaza is truly a "Maaza" moment. The new advertisement features nagarjuna and pooja strolling around their gated neighbourhood. pooja observes benches being set up in the neighbourhood. nagarjuna, who portrays the secretary of the group, can be seen sipping Maaza and appears to be thoroughly enjoying the beverage.

With the launch of the new ad, nagarjuna tweeted, "The beauty of kindness lies in its anonymity and that's what Maaza believes in. When it comes to soft drinks, Maaza is the top brand in the nation, and Nagarjuna's involvement in their campaign adds unquestionable value.

The latest remarks made by renowned actor Nandamuri Balakrishna, "Akkineni.. Thokineni," during his speech at the success meeting of his most recent release Even performers from the Akkineni family, such as naga chaitanya and akhil Akkineni, have issued an official statement over the uproar that Veera simha Reddy has generated. nagarjuna Akkineni hasn't yet commented on the matter, though. He didn't respond to Balakrishna's remarks or share his kids chaitanya and Akhil's official statement.

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