Thanks to the manner they have marketed their landmark film "RRR" around the world, Jr. ntr and ram Charan's friendship has come a long way. When the movie was being promoted in Japan, both of the performers suggested the other's best movie for viewers, and now a renowned journalist is talking about it.

Wow, I recently visited Rangasthalam. Wow. Yuko Kato, editor of BBC news Japan, states that she is grateful for Jr. NTR's recommendation. Also included was his assessment of the Sukumar-directed film, which he concluded with the words, "Such a delightful, gorgeous, and towards the conclusion, a powerful, dramatic, emotional film. I'm very happy I saw it. Charan is amazing.

During their visit to Japan, Jr. ntr and Charan spoke with the Associated Press. Jr. ntr suggested rangasthalam to see Charan's remarkable metamorphosis, and Charan said to watch Aravinda Sametha by trivikram to be astounded by Jr. NTR's performance. The BBC editor also mentions that he will view NTR's movie in a few days. With the release of its dubbed versions, Rishab Shetty's Kantara is loudly breaking down borders. Both moviegoers and critics agree that the film is excellent. The film is captivating because of the excellent acting, compelling storytelling, and intriguing belief.

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