Aishwarya Rai, Madhubala, and other top-notch beauties were brought by Maniratnam, one of the directors renowned for bringing the best new heroines. Some people are noted for bringing in extremely attractive women, such as puri jagan who attracted Rakshitha, Anushka, and Neha Shetty. And now we'll talk about the incredibly successful director lokesh Kanagaraj.

This skilled director consistently casts heroines who are either fresh or unfamous at the time. While there is no heroine in movies like Karthi's khaidi and Kamal Haasan's Vikram, which he cast regina cassandra in for Maanagaram, he cast newbie malavika mohanan for Master. Additionally, he cast priya anand for star Vijay and dated heroine Trisha in the upcoming #Thalapathy67. Many people question why lokesh kanagaraj, who has enormous budgets and big heroes, never pursues star women.

Perhaps lokesh intends to do this so the hero receives all the attention rather than the heroines, but other filmmakers are beginning to follow his lead in choosing less well-liked female leads. Perhaps the production costs will decrease as a result. Also, netizens troll that director as he never let any heroine survive or join with the lead actor in his movie and most of them said he will chop their heads off for sure.

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