A few days ago, Aha video released the first half of the much anticipated Unstoppable with NBK season two episode starring power star Pawan Kalyan. As predicted, it set new benchmarks for telugu OTT streaming. After seeing the first segment, viewers were excitedly anticipating the second. Aha recently published the promo for the second episode, which has helped to build anticipation. We can be sure that this section will concentrate more on Pawan's political career based on that.

In the teaser, balakrishna is seen asking pawan kalyan a few blunt questions about his political career. He inquires with Pawan as to the necessity of forming a political party. He also inquires as to Pawan's inability to convert his fan base into a vote bank. He inquires as to whether Jana Sena's manifesto was adequately distributed. The episode piques our interest because of the promo. Krish, the director, will also appear in this scene. Overall, it appears like even the second half of Pawan's programme will be a hit. The debut date is february 10.

Pawan kalyan never spilled the beans related to his personal life or current state of poltiical mind or what he has plans in future for Jana Sena party and himself and who would be his successor.

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