We really wonder what made dil raju to produce this movie and what made Vijay to choose this story for his debut in telugu industry? Right from the day, the movie was announced, even Vijay fans were unhappy and everyone were busy with 'Thalapathy 67'. After the movie released, it got brickbats for the serial narration and everyone trolled the movie. Now, adding more shame, dil raju is just releasing posters with 200, 250 and 300 Crores and getting more trolls on social media.

Tirupur Subramanian already confessed Varisu was a flop and he assured the production team will release 300 Crores poster this weekend and as he predicted, dil raju also released and he brought shame to Varisu. Now, unfortunately, Varisu becomes the biggest trolled movie than Puli. However, BEAST remains the best international trolled movie and we hope that record will be shattered with 'LEO'.

Right from Vijay's mannerisms and everything, he was trolled ruthlessly and even Vamshi got angry in an interview. tamil news channels already shamed as much as possible and now dil raju adding more fuel to these trolls by releasing these posters. What next dil Raju? Release 400 Crores this week or better end it everything with a 2 Billion dollar poster and inform Varisu has crossed avatar 2 collections! 

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