Ajith Kumar's 2023 got off to a strong start with the pongal release, Thunivu, which became a tremendous hit. To the surprise of fans and the industry, AK 62's intentions were altered. As of right moment, vignesh shivan is no longer a part of the project and is most likely to be replaced by filmmaker Magizhn Thirumeni. vignesh shivan has deactivated his social media account for the AK 62 project, indicating he is no longer involved in it.

Since january 25, there has been much conjecture over the identity of the director of Lyca Productions' AK 62. According to a rumour circulating in the film business, ajith kumar was not pleased with the AK 62 script that vignesh shivan provided, and despite his demands for adjustments, the script was not revised. ajith reportedly requested a new director during a meeting with Lyca CEO subaskaran in London.

Vishuvardhan was supposedly the director that ajith kumar wanted for AK 62. It was claimed that filmmaker Magizh Thirumeni, who had a strong script, was brought in as a result of his unavailability. As a result of all these changes, Lyca has yet to make any formal announcements regarding this project, and fans on social media have been clamouring for updates on AK 62. Since everything has changed and ajith is said to have requested Magizh to make this a more intense action movie than Thunivu, it will likely take a few weeks before they can officially announce the project, according to insiders in the movie business. According to reports, Magizh is currently in london ironing out the specifics and revising the script.

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