With Thalapathy Vijay's Varisu, telugu director Vamshi Paidipally made his tamil film debut this year. Despite failing in telugu, it was a huge success in Tamil. Its popularity is primarily down to Vijay's stardom and the advantage of the pongal festival season rather than the plot or execution. Many viewers of the movie said it was predictable, plodding, and stereotyped like a tv serial. However, Vijay's fame and the benefit of the christmas season attracted viewers to the theatres.

According to the most recent rumour, Vijay informed Vamshi about his plans for another movie. He reportedly requested Vamshi to write a strong script. It will be his 69th movie if he enjoys the plot. Vijay is said to have been fascinated by the manner Vamshi handled the needs of the family and the business in Varisu. He gave him another chance because of that.

No big telugu actor at the moment is prepared to set up Vamshi because they are all working on different projects. This is a favourable offer for him. However, Vijay will only do it if he like the narrative. Therefore, we must wait to see what kind of story Vamshi will tell Vijay for this film. Even before the storyline, it is also touted that Vamshi has spoken with Kajal and got her nod to feature as the lady lead in this venture.

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