The Netflix original movie Rana Naidu, starring venkatesh and Rana Daggubati, debuted last week. This web series has drawn criticism for its frequent use of expletives and pornographic content since its inception. The series is currently at the top of Netflix's trending list and drawing more viewers as a result of the negative comments. In less than a week after its premiere, Rana Naidu accumulated more than a million streaming minutes, according to the reports. It currently occupies the first spot among the top ten trending series on Netflix India.

Many have speculated about how a family-oriented performer like venkatesh decided to do a show like this one since the beginning. He has never used foul language in front of an audience. The sight of him in Rana Naidu stunned them. As a result of viewer feedback, more individuals are becoming interested in the program. They are interested in seeing how courageous Venkatesh's persona is. In addition, a lot of the show's moments are being shared as reels and shorts on social media. Young people are especially being persuaded by these snippets to watch the show despite negative reviews.

To promote the series, the Rama Naidu billboard at Rama Naidu Studios has been renamed Rana Naidu. Now, passersby can see a big billboard of Rana Naidu. Rana regularly shares interviews on twitter to promote the show. All these elements are aiding Rana Naidu in obtaining more views and stay on top of the hot list of Netflix India.

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