The creators of ram Charan's "Magadheera" have already decided to rerelease the movie to celebrate his forthcoming birthday. However, they claim that the decision to cancel the film's release was made because another movie is now in theatres, clearing up any doubt among ram Charan's fans.

Orange is apparently the first film that is officially scheduled for a re-release, but when Magadheera's name surfaced, many assumed that the Rajamouli-directed epic blockbuster would be entering theatres. However, the release of magadheera was postponed for unclear reasons, making room for Orange. And now ram Charan's largest catastrophe film ever is getting a massive release in theatres.

According to rumours, janasena Party will receive a fund consisting of all proceeds from ticket sales. While Orange is undoubtedly a classic movie, it wasn't successful in theatres at the time since many people thought the plot was too far in the future. But, one has to wonder if it will succeed now and earn janasena a sizable sum of money. On the other hand, those who are fans of the Orange movie but do not support janasena are complaining that they should not be required to purchase tickets in order to support a political party.

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