The Naatu Naatu fever has spread once more. The Teslas' light show is even more enthralling because it is for the song Naatu Naatu, which has already mesmerized everyone with its performance in the Chandi Chowk streets by the German Embassy employees. Elon Musk also expressed his admiration for it! A video shared on twitter by the "Tesla Light Shows" account shows dozens of tesla automobiles in New jersey flashing in time to the beat of the Oscar-winning song Naatu Naatu. 

The video is a memorial to Naatu Naatu, and tesla CEO Elon Musk added two heart emojis to it when tesla and RRR's official handle tweeted about it. We PAID our love to @elonmusk, read the tweet from the official rrr account. watch the video to see how the tesla lights and Naatu Naatu beat are perfectly timed. Also, the surrounding throng could be heard cheering enthusiastically as they watched tesla cars work their lighting magic.

Elon Musk is a fan of the tesla Naatu Naatu light display! The Naatu Naatu craze has returned, and the recent light display by Teslas was made all the more intriguing by the fact that it was timed to the hit song. The tesla light show has made a lasting impression after the amazing Naatu Naatu performance by German Embassy workers in the streets of Chandi Chowk, with even Elon Musk expressing his enthusiasm for it.

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