Madhav, the nephew of Massraja Raviteja and the son of his younger brother Raghu, recently had his first movie released in Hyderabad. Gowri Ronanki of PelliSandaD fame is directing the movie, which stars k raghavendra rao and suresh Babu, among others. And now there's a rumour concerning this undertaking.

It goes without saying that there have long been reports that Raviteja's son Mahadhan will shortly make his acting debut. The project is reportedly already in the works with a top director and production company, and the actor's son is enrolling in acting, dance, and martial arts training. But before that, the surprise was the debut movie of his brother's son Madhav.

It is becoming clear that the actor worked on many aspects of this project, including developing the plot and securing the money. It is becoming apparent that he covertly did a lot for the movie since the youth from his family is breaking into the film industry, even if he didn't attend the film's opening ceremony and only mentioned it on social media. Additionally, a few other kids from Raviteja's family, including his own son, may soon break into the movie business as performers. The actor shouldn't be concerned about anything save the upcoming allegations of nepotism.

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