The grand debut of Nani's dasara is scheduled for march 30th, 2023. Keerthy suresh plays the female lead in Odela Srikanth's pan-Indian film. The advance reservations have already begun and are now rampaging. Ananthapur hosted the film's pre-release celebration today.

"You all liked the mass that you had seen in earlier movies," nani remarked. But I'll demonstrate the part of the mass that reaches your heart. It is a pledge. For large-scale theatre performances, we might have used whistles. Such "whistle-blowing" moments appear frequently in Dasara. I care deeply about it. We toiled arduously for a full year in the sand and the humidity. For everyone involved, this movie will hold a very special place in their hearts.

Let me start by expressing my gratitude to sudhakar and srikanth for supporting this initiative. The actors who played the parts of my pals did a good job. After this, they'll have enough to do. dasara, though, will live on forever. In the department of direction, everyone had a spark. I hope all of them will soon hold the position of director. You'll fall in love with Deekshit. He'll be known by the name Suri. After Nenu Local, Keerthy and I wanted to make a memorable film. dasara is the best project we can find. She is a far better performer than Mahanati, who you will see in Dasara. I pledge to keep working hard and giving my best effort.

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