For their upcoming movie, Leo, Thalapathy Vijay will collaborate with the talented filmmaker lokesh Kanagaraj. The creators frequently post content related to the movie on social media, which is well received by the audience. From the trailer to the most recent kashmir schedule wrap video, something is released on a regular basis that aids in both maintaining the enthusiasm and building organic discussion around the movie.

Contrarily, prominent telugu filmmakers believe that by releasing a few clips from their movie, announcing the title, or providing updates about their movie, they are doing the fans a favour. The most recent instances are SSMB28 and NTR30. Fans are pleading with the crew for updates on the movie, but they are being met with a deafening silence. They still see it as doing them a favour even if they release something. They believe they are creating a classic and believe they have the right to frustrate and wait for the fans without showing them any respect.

Leo's creators, however, have set a high bar by providing frequent updates about the movie. By occasionally providing the audience with something to treasure, they are leading by example. The creators will occasionally receive real-time input regarding the film's content this way as well. They will have plenty of time to make adjustments if they are doing something incorrectly. They are not need to feel ashamed of their product, as the creators of Adipurush did after releasing their initial teaser.

For more over two years, the Adipurush team kept quiet about anything related to the movie. Nobody was aware of what they were producing. The teaser was shocking when it was eventually broadcast, and it quickly rose to the top of the list of the most despised teasers ever. And now, even if they wanted to make changes by investing hundreds of crores, they wouldn't be able to do much since they would have to re-create everything, which is impractical.

Leo's creators have changed things by providing frequent updates to the fans. Fans don't feel the need to pester the filmmakers for updates on the movie or otherwise bother them. Our tollywood filmmakers should take a page from this.

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