Shahrukh Khan net worth 2023, luck changed from Pathan, you will be shocked to know the net worth

Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth: If we look at the net worth of Shah Rukh Khan in 2023, Shahrukh has become the fourth richest actor in the world. But Shahrukh's name comes first in the list of rich actors in Bollywood. It would not be wrong to say that Badshah's fortunes have changed since the film Pathan. You will be shocked to know the total wealth of King.

Shah Rukh Khan: bollywood Badshah, king Khan or say the heartbeat of crores of hearts, the name of only one actor comes in the mind, Shah Rukh Khan. Because of his hard work and dedication, today shahrukh khan has become the fourth richest actor in the world. He has also beaten tom Cruise in terms of earning. shahrukh khan has achieved this position leaving many actors behind. Now no bollywood actor is rich ahead of him, but in hollywood actress names of Ben Johnson, Tyler Perry and Jerry Seinfeld are ahead of Shahrukh. Shah Rukh Khan's net worth is $770 million. At the same time, tom Cruise's net worth is $620 million. At number six is Jackie Chan, whose total assets are 520 million. George Clooney is at number seven with a net worth of $500 million. Robert De Niro is number eight, Whose net worth is $500 million dollars. But if we look at the rich actors list of bollywood then Shah Rukh Khan is the king of Bollywood. Who has also defeated Shahanshan in terms of earning.

Shahrukh Khan is included in the list of top five richest actors. In this list, all the hollywood stars are named before Shahrukh. But only if we talk about bollywood then Shah Rukh Khan is at number one. Shah Rukh Khan net worth in 2023 is $700 million, which in indian values is worth more than Rs 6289 crore.

Shah Rukh Khan's previous film was zero which released four years ago and flopped at the box office. In this film, katrina kaif and anushka sharma played important roles along with Shahrukh. After the film zero, Shah Rukh took a break of four years. Now after 4 years, king Khan has once again wreaked havoc on the big screen by returning from the film 'Pathan'. It has been more than 3 months since Pathan released on january 25, but the film is still continuing to hold its special place in the cinema halls. Along with this, the film Pathan was released on OTT on 22 March. Pathan is making a splash on OTT as well. Apart from 'Shah Rukh Khan', 'Deepika Padukone' and 'John Abraham' have played lead roles in this film. It would not be wrong to say that Shah Rukh Khan's comeback after four years with the film Pathan has changed his fortunes.

Shah Rukh Khan is the owner of the IPL team kolkata Knight Riders. In this he is partnered with Juhi Chawla. At the same time, shahrukh khan is also the owner of a film production house named red Chillies. Many web series and films made under this film production have also been released. shahrukh khan also runs a VFX studio which also does VFX work for many films made in bollywood and India. Apart from films, he also earns a lot from advertisements and endorsements. shahrukh khan is very popular in gulf countries. Due to this, they also do a lot of advertising with brands from countries like Dubai, qatar and Saudi Arabia. The success of the film Pathan has the same effect that now Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth has many films in the pipeline, which are expected to be superhit. After the film Pathan, king Khan's films Jawan, Dunki, Don 3 and dhoom 4 will be released. If we look at these films, they are all mega budget films and after Pathan, people have full hope that all these films of his will create history one after the other.

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