As the son of rajamouli, karthikeya gained notoriety when keeravani brought him up in his speech at the Oscars. It has been alleged that karthikeya was responsible for overseeing the entire oscar advertising campaign for RRR. In Hollywood, signing up with media outlets to generate publicity through the showing of shows, the publication of news pieces, and participation in tv interviews is standard practise.

Prior to winning the Golden Globe, the rrr team reportedly spent months in the US and invested about Rs 80 Cr in oscar marketing. Considering the scope of the global advertising, this is remarkably convincing. rajamouli deserves praise for pulling off a task that indian filmmakers have never before thought possible. karthikeya and rrr producer DVV Danayya's abrupt assertion that the Rs 80 Cr amount was untrue is unknown, nevertheless.

It is difficult to accept that only Rs 8.5 Cr was spent, as claimed by Karthikeya. Thank god they refrained from lying by not saying Rs 8.5 lakh. Danayya should keep in mind that the team travelled to cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Cochin, and chennai to promote the various language versions, costing a total of Rs 50 Cr for pre-release publicity for rrr in India.

In contrast, SRK's "Happy New Year" spent Rs 25 Cr for pre-release advertising in 2014, and the team travelled to dubai to advertise the film. Tens of crores were spent on promotions by many more films. The rrr team shouldn't feel the need to scale back by claiming such a little sum for the oscar advertising. It would be preferable to project the actual spending. The biggest joke of the year is Karthikeya's assertion, and if there were an oscar category for it, it would win!

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