Anand Ahuja shares photos of son Vayu with mother-in-law Sunita Kapoor shares a lovely story

Recently, businessman anand ahuja shared some pictures of his son Vayu. 

Sonam Kapoor's businessman-husband anand ahuja is a successful industrialist as well as a good father-son and son-in-law. anand often shares glimpses of his happy life with his social media handle. He never forgets to wish his special someone on their special day. Now two days after the birthday of his mother-in-law Sunita Kapoor i.e. on march 27, 2023, he has shared two pictures of his son Vayu with grandmother Sunita Kapoor and aunt Riya Kapoor. In the first photo, Sunita Kapoor is seen pampering her grandson in her lap. 

At the same time, the second photo is of Vayu's birth, in which he is seen lying on a baby bed and one or two other people including his aunt rhea kapoor and mother-in-law Sunita Kapoor are seen beside him. In this photo, aunt Riya Kapoor is seen getting emotional about seeing her nephew for the first time. 

Sharing these photos, anand wrote in the caption, “I am sure the first person Vayu saw properly on the day of his birth was his maternal grandmother @kapoor.sunita. (in the second photo) … I remember at this moment he was not crying, not sleeping, and accepting for the first time the world he had just entered. His head was looking slightly to the side, this is a completely calm person collecting @kapoor.sunita's superhuman... Of course, then he saw his maasi @rheakapoor who he will probably never see cry again (so cute) and then he saw his mom's soulmate @shehlak_ maasi. In a few days late, but sharing a good birthday story with you Sunita Kapoor

Please tell me that on march 25, 2023, Sunita Kapoor celebrated her 58th birthday. On this occasion, sonam kapoor shared a series of pictures from her insta handle. While sharing the photos, he called his mother the 'best grandmother'. In one of the pictures, Sunita can be seen holding her grandson Vayu in her arms, just like she is seen holding Sonam in her arms in an old picture. Sonam gave birth to Vayu in august last year, and since then her life has revolved around her son.

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