Natural Star nani, who up until recently was known for playing guy-next-door parts, has never paid much attention to the fashion game when it comes to his on- and off-screen attire. However, the nani we have been seeing for the past month is different from the one we have seen in movies and on the street these past few days.

Nani fiercely promoted his upcoming film dasara for nearly 30 days by traveling to numerous towns and cities all over the nation. He always wore designer attire and upheld the highest standards of fashion. He wore everything that made him appear basic yet fashionable, including kurtas, casual clothes, tailored hand-painted jackets, branded hoodies, and sparkling co-ord sets. According to what we've heard, his fashionable Neeraja Kona devised the idea for most of his ensembles to have the word dasara printed on them.

Possibly for the first time, nani is spotted donning luxury labels like Kenzo and others. However, it appears that the actor kept a sharp contrast to the onscreen image while promoting the film because he was portraying a rugged character in a rugged outfit in the dasara movie. These fashion declarations undoubtedly are making waves right now, and nani handled the dasara promotions all by himself this time.

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