After learning she had myositis, samantha took a brief break from her obligations at work. She elaborated on the same, thanking the producers and film crew for their "support" during her trying time. She expressed, "... getting to the stage of getting better and going back to shoot was very helpful for me.

Actor Dev Mohan and samantha are presently preparing for the release of their new movie Shaakuntalam. Speaking of the gunasekhar film, she expressed confidence that the everlasting romance between Shaakuntalam and king Dushyant would be well received by the general public due to their nuanced emotional expression. During the conversation, samantha acknowledged that she had experienced a number of bad things on her front over the previous two and a half years.

"With this movie, there is a lot of pressure, but I think that if the movie is excellent, the audience will really like it. More than just magnificent sets, outstanding designs, elaborate costumes, and grandeur," samantha said.
The phenomenal sanskrit drama Abhigyan Shakuntalam by the esteemed poet Kalidasa served as the inspiration for Shaakuntalam. On april 14, the movie will be released on large screens in the languages of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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