Because this money doesn't come out of their pockets, the business is full of opportunists who like to prey on producers. Here is a tale about a music director who is burning a hole in the producers' wallets. music composers frequently work out of Chennai. The abundance of skilled technicians and vocalists in this area is one of the causes. The same applies to this music director. He also works primarily from Chennai.

These days, the majority of expensive movies are favouring this trendy soundtrack director. He consequently has to visit hyderabad frequently. Here's where the problem arises. The well-known five-star Pak Hyatt hotel accepts this music director's reservation for a completely furnished service apartment as well as four rooms. One of Hyderabad's priciest homes is this one. Therefore, it stands to reason that the producers who bear the costs wind up spending far more money than anticipated on this five-star hotel as well as other unforeseen costs.

The producer's expenses would have been greatly reduced if the music director, who primarily collaborates with telugu directors, had created a small, fully-equipped studio in Hyderabad. But the astute music director is aware that if he opens a studio, he won't have the comforts. He is accustomed to these 5-star comforts. And as a result, the makers seriously damage their financial situation.

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