Director shankar is concurrently filming Game Changer and indian 2 for the first time in his career. As a result, both films will be released at roughly the same time, separated by two to three months. indian 2 is anticipated to release first around Sankranthi in 2024, with Game Changer aiming for a summer 2024 release. The producers of Game Changer made it plain that the movie will also be released in tamil when it was announced yesterday. 

They additionally unveiled a tamil advertisement. Even so, however, there was little enthusiasm for the movie among tamil followers on social media. Despite the fact that Game Changer is helmed by Shankar, who is widely regarded as the tamil film industry's SS Rajamouli, tamil moviegoers simply did not own it. Due to the fact that it features a telugu icon, they simply ignored it. Contrarily, telugu moviegoers were always enthralled by Shankar's productions, regardless of the actor who played the lead role. 

Despite the fact that Shankar's movies heavily influenced by the regional tamil culture, telugu audiences have accepted them for years. Despite the appearance of A-list actors like Vijay and Dhanush, recent tamil filmgoers weren't overly enthusiastic about Varisu or Vaathi because they were produced and directed by telugu people. indian 2, which sees the reunion of kamal haasan and shankar after 29 years, is more anticipated by tamil fans. After Vikram's enormous success, Kamal has returned to the fray, and shankar is attempting to make up lost territory with indian 2.

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