Ram Charan attracted a lot of media interest in the west following the global success of rrr, particularly during the oscar campaign. This has encouraged Charan's admirers and well-wishers, who have begun to promote him as a global celebrity. They want ram charan to be known as a global star going forward. The first look image for ram Charan's upcoming Game Changer was recently released, and even on the poster, Mega Powerstar rather than Global Star was written.

Ram Charan might have become more well-known after rrr, but some people are unsure if it is yet appropriate to refer to Charan as a world celebrity after only one movie. The song Naatu Naatu is to blame for any notice ram charan, or even NTR, may have received. If anything has gained international recognition since rrr, it is Rajamouli's trademark. If ram charan is to be referred to as a "Global Star," then Game Changer, his following film, must make the same amount of money that rrr did, and he must also receive the same praise when he travels abroad to promote Gamechanger. But is it even feasible?

Ram Charan ought to continue producing movies that succeed both artistically and financially in the west, which is very challenging. The celebrity would then be qualified to receive the title of Global celebrity. By hyping Charan as a global star, his supporters are pushing him harder than ever, which will put more pressure on him to outperform RRR. If he doesn't, he'll only get mocked for labelling himself a Global Star.

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