Rhea, the mother of Mia (Sophie Wilde), passed away two years ago. Although Mia is still processing the circumstances surrounding Rhea's passing, she is well supported by her mother Sue, her younger sibling Riley (Joe Bird), and her best friend Jade (Alexandra Jensen). (Miranda Otto). When the group shows up at a party where the deceased are summoned using an embalmed hand, Mia and her friends become addicted to the rush of seeing the ghosts and letting them take over their bodies by saying, "Talk to me." But when Mia begins seeing her dead mother after being possessed by another spirit for longer than permitted, things become dangerous and spooky.

As much about being haunted as it is about loss, Talk to Me. To that end, the movie looks at loss and the void it leaves after a loved one passes away. Even though it can be terrifying, the thrill of looking for the deceased sounds exciting, and Mia is not doing well. She can experience things other than heartbreak thanks to it, and she even starts to feel alive. The movie shows the results of everyone's actions while also delicately handling Mia's emotions and giving her room to explore her sorrow. By the time the movie is over, audiences will be in awe of what they have just seen. It's perilous, horrifying, and tragic all at once.

Talk to Me doesn't provide any simple solutions, and this suspenseful, well-paced horror isn't hesitant to take chances either. The film focuses on the relationship between the living and the deceased, how those boundaries can be blurred, and how someone can feel so lost and empty inside that simply existing becomes a burden. The movie is infused with Mia's sorrow, and it is through her that Talk to Me examines this ingrained yearning and the psychological effects of loss. This is particularly true when someone, like Mia, is in need of the solutions or closure they seek and is therefore vulnerable to what the embalmed hand can offer.

The final act of the horror movie ties everything together, giving the audience a haunting and electrifying final scene while also drawing out some of the narrative in the middle. Talk to Me is a competent directing début that offers a compelling narrative with plenty of suspense, gore, and emotional turns. In this unsettling, thrilling thriller, viewers will be glued to the screen, eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

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