Ram Charan and his wife upasana konidela are eager to have a family and are expecting their first child. On social media, they frequently post about their relationship journey and give relationship advice to their followers. upasana proudly displayed her growing baby bulge in a photo she shared on instagram to mark her first Mother's Day. She also included a touching letter outlining why she chose to become a mother after getting married.

"I am proud to embrace motherhood for all the right reasons," upasana wrote. I didn't do it to live up to society's standards or blend in. No desire to leave a legacy or to make my marriage stronger motivated me to become a mother. I made the decision to become a parent when I felt emotionally able to give my child the unwavering love and care that is necessary for his or her entire wellbeing. I'm marking my first Mother's Day.

Upasana has up to now been spotted wearing clothing that has helped to conceal her pregnancy. Fans are oogling her for the first time since she made her baby bulge public. upasana recently disclosed that she and ram had made the decision to freeze their eggs early in their marriage in order to prioritise their professions. However, now that they have found success in their individual careers, they feel prepared to give their child a comfortable existence. But now that they are in a secure position, they are prepared to embrace motherhood and give their child a life that is both secure and opulent.

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