Armaan Malik revealed the Hindu names of his children, trolled badly for keeping Muslim names

YouTuber armaan malik named his daughter Tuba and his son Zaid, for which he was mercilessly trolled. Now, he has revealed their Hindu names.

Popular YouTuber armaan malik has been in the limelight for quite some time now. This is when he announced the pregnancy of both his wives and since then he has shared details of their deliveries and many more.

Please tell me that Armaan has recently become the father of three children. While his first wife Payal gave birth to twins (a son Ayaan and a daughter Tuba), his second wife Kritika was blessed with a son Zaid. However, Armaan's fans didn't like Zaid and Tuba's names and trolled them mercilessly. Now in his latest vlog, Armaan has revealed the new Hindu names of his kids.

Armaan Malik reveals the Hindu names of his newborn children

Recently, in a vlog shared by the Malik family, YouTuber armaan malik can be seen revealing the Hindu names of his newborn daughter Tuba and son Zaid. In the video, his first wife Payal is seen asking everyone present in their house for their opinion about the names of the children.

For Zaid he gave two choices between 'Parth and Prithvi' and for Tuba, he asked to choose between 'Kiara and Kashvi'. While everyone gave their opinion, Payal also video-called her husband Armaan to ask about the same as he was out shooting with their son Chirayu. Thus, Armaan finalized Zaid's name as prithvi and Tuba as Kiara. Later, at the end of the video, Payal was also seen asking her fans for their opinion about the name.

Armaan and his wives were trolled for naming their children Muslim

Ever since Armaan announced the arrival of his newborn, there has been immense joy among his fans, but when Armaan revealed the names of his kids, people went berserk. A section of the society was not happy with the Muslim names given to Kritika's son Zaid and Payal's daughter Tuba.

Soon they started trolling Armaan and requested him to change the names of the kids as they are Muslim names. Furthermore, the trollers said that since both Armaan and his wives are Hindus, their children should have names of the same religion.

When armaan malik and his family organized a naming ceremony for the children

In another vlog, it was seen that Armaan and his family hosted a special puja for their newborn babies to ward off the evil eye, as the babies were getting sick time and again. Along with this, the family also performed the naming ceremony of the little ones. In the same vlog, Payal and Kritika revealed that Zaid should be named after the letter 'P' and Tuba should be named after the letter 'K'. However, he had not finalized anything till that time.

Armaan Malik has done two marriages

Everyone knows that YouTuber armaan malik has tied the knot twice. In the year 2011, he married his first wife Payal. He was blessed with a son Chirayu. Later in the year 2018, Armaan married Payal's best friend Kritika and since then they are living a happy life. Also, Payal and Kritika share a very good bond and are seen supporting each other in every situation

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