Tomorrow, May 26, marks the release of Malli Pelli, a film starring naresh and Pavitra. Because of the recent exposure the couple had received, there was a lot of excitement surrounding it. In the present, ramya Raghupathi, Naresh's ex-wife, has filed a court complaint opposing the movie. ramya has sued Malli Pelli in court, claiming that the movie defames her persona and pleading with the judge to prevent the movie's distribution.

The movie seems to have a lot in common with ramya, Pavitra, and Naresh's real-life experiences. naresh, however, said that this movie has nothing to do with their life and is a fictitious portrayal when questioned about the same. Just one day before Malli Pelli's release, ramya filed a court petition against it. What the court will rule in relation to this issue remains to be seen. It might cause problems for the movie if the court delays the release since it has attracted a lot of interest from viewers, and that could be affected if the release is delayed.

The upcoming film Malli Pelli, starring veteran actor naresh, is based on real incidents in his life. The movie depicts naresh and actress Pavitra Lokesh's romance, which has gained a lot of attention in the media and on social media. director MS Raju, known for his work on "Okkadu," produced the movie under his own label.

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