Mahesh Babu, a superstar, recently tweeted in support of the movie Mem Famous. Anurag and Sharath, the film's producers, collaborated extensively to promote Mahesh Babu's films. They even created Mahesh's GMB Banner and Adivi Sesh's Major. Mahesh tweeted positive things about the movie with the clear goal of assisting them. The post, however, met with mixed reactions because some internet users believed that the Superstar was promoting a too-small movie in "Mem Famous."

Mem Famous was released, but neither the buzz nor the reviews were up to par. A part then began spreading the myth that Mahesh Babu's reputation suffered as a result of that "wrong review." However, this analysis is utterly absurd. Mahesh wanted to support the youthful team that has been working on his projects for a while. Celebrities have been seen releasing teasers and trailers and performing praise songs despite subpar content.

Some celebrities watch films after they are out and provide quotes to aid in the marketing. Sometimes they act in this way even when no one is looking, just to keep things amicable or aid in marketing. According to these folks, nobody lost anything, but mahesh babu is the only one who is losing credibility.

Mahesh Babu's stardom is too great for him to be negatively impacted by a single tweet. If there is anything, we should be grateful that he supported a young squad that was unable to even schedule an appointment to meet a star of his calibre. Regardless of how excellent or horrible the film is, it is a feat to have a young crew produce it. And Mahesh deserves praise for sticking with them.

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