Trisha used intelligence but Nayan got stuck..!?

Trisha is 40 years old and is still rocking the cinema as an unrepentant teenage virgin. She is not an ordinary actress and has gained a place in the hearts of all the fans. Moreover, he is winning in the second innings after a round has already been mixed. That is, Trisha's film opportunities were such that she searched for where she had gone recently. But ever since she acted in Ponniyin Selvan, fans' attention has turned towards him. Also, after the success of the film, his film career took a different direction. After this, she joined the film Leo opposite Vijay. Then what is this enough to increase her market rate? With this, she is moving in the right way to seize the next film opportunities with her intelligence. Also, she paired up with Vijay and captured Vijay's fans. After that, she tried to pair up with ajith and joined the film Vidamuyarchi. But it is known that the shooting never started. In this situation, the team decided that trisha should act in Dhanush's fiftieth film and committed her. Apart from this, trisha is more likely to act in Kamal's film directed by H Vinod. Even though she got involved in many controversies, she is using her intelligence like a knife to recover from it and maintain the cinema. But Nayanthara leaves the line in this case and sticks down. It will be amazing to see how trisha mixes in her next round. But if this continues, she is definitely the one who will come back as a dream come true in tamil cinema. Luck like this has never happened to any other heroine. Lady Superstar Nayanthara is forgotten while watching this, her character is coming strong in every film.

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