Adipurush, a very expensive mythical action epic starring Prabhas, is scheduled to debut on june 16, 2023. The film, which is based on the epic Ramayana, has been getting good reviews since the debut of its trailer and two songs. Due to Prabhas' undeniable celebrity and the Lord Rama subject, the movie is predicted to fare well at the box office. The movie will have US premieres starting on june 15 like every other typical telugu film, therefore news stories will start to flood in on june 16 after 3 AM IST.

The early box office results in the US don't show much promise because the figures aren't great for a big-budget movie starring Prabhas. Adipurush has to do much better than Radhe Shyam's $1.2 Million opening weekend in order to stay in the race. Adipurush is really predicted to produce far more revenue than radhe shyam because of its epic magnitude.

To achieve a strong first-day performance in the United States, pre-sales must significantly increase; else, the film's debut can come as a stunner rather than a pleasant surprise. The movie's US debuts are precisely two weeks away. Adipurush is anticipated to have a day one global gross of $100 million. The movie must perform incredibly well in the US and other outside markets for it to happen.

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