It is well known that samantha and vijay deverakonda would collaborate on Kushi, a film that is described as a genuine love story. It is clear from Samantha's most recent social media post that sam and Vijay have fostered a strong friendship while they work on the movie. Some friends softly stand by and say, "Sees you at your best, sees you at your worst, sees you come last, sees you come first, what a year it has been." samantha included Vijay in the caption of an instagram image.

In this photo, sam is seen posing with Vijay, and it has now attracted the attention of online users who are impressed by the friendship between Vijay and Samantha. The amount of attention this photo is receiving on social media—close to a million likes in under an hour—speaks loudly. sam and Vijay will be portrayed as interreligious lovers in the Siva Nirvana-directed film Kushi.

Samantha had high hopes for the film Shaakuntalam. Unfortunately, the film swiftly turned into a flop, which left the lead actress feeling quite let down. Since the movie is available for streaming on amazon Prime, the cast is still subject to trolling. samantha, who did nothing wrong, is unfairly being included in the VFX-related troll postings.

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