Recently, parasuram has been making a lot of enemies in Tollywood. allu aravind complained about parasuram earlier today, claiming Chandoo Mondeti hadn't fooled him as the previous actor had and had agreed to work on a project with him. He made fun of parasuram for skipping a GA2 production starring Vijay Deverakonda. The filmmaker has also angered the producers at 14 Reels. The pairing of parasuram and naga chaitanya was meant to be realised by the production company, but parasuram chose mahesh babu over the Akkineni Hero.

Then, parasuram delivered a script to karthi, who was in charge of producing it for 14 Reels. Once he is finished with his past obligation, karthi indicated he will start working on this movie in november or January. Prior to Karthi's movie, parasuram again revised his plans and began working on the project with vijay deverakonda for a dil raju production. The argument put out by 14 Reels is that parasuram has conveniently shifted to Vijay's movie, leaving them at danger of karthi taking it easy and searching for another project. parasuram now presented them with a double blow.

A source in Filmnagar claims that 14 Reels assert they have a Rs 13 crore (with interest) debt with parasuram for the two projects listed. They are attempting to reach some sort of agreement with parasuram or collaboration in the movie that vijay deverakonda is directing and dil raju is producing. The project will not move forward unless the 14 Reels' problem is resolved. dil raju is still working on the project unconcerned by anything that is happening in the meanwhile. Given that parasuram has gotten into so many people's bad books, including Allu Aravind's, it remains to be seen whether any prominent tollywood figures would come to his defence if he encounters trouble in the future.

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