Shahid Kapoor opened the secret of his successful marriage, told his wife Mira Rajput- 'Perfect partner'

Recently, actor shahid kapoor opened up about his happily married life with his wife Mira Rajput, and described her as his 'perfect partner'. 

Bollywood actor shahid kapoor is currently in the limelight for his upcoming film 'Bloody Daddy'. In the promotional events of the film, he does not hold back from talking about his personal life as well. In one of his recent interviews, shahid talked about the secret of a happy and successful marriage with his wife Mira Rajput, and how his life has changed after marriage.

Shahid Kapoor told the secret of a successful marriage

When shahid kapoor was asked about the secret of his happy married life of 8 years so far, the actor said, "I am still falling in love with him... a little more every day!" Speaking about his secret, shahid admitted that he has now accepted that his perspective is not always right, but many successful men have trouble accepting this fact. They think that most of the time they are always right, but this is not true. 

Praising his wife Mira, he said, "It's a really good thing with Mira because she has a very strong point of view. As a couple, we have learned to see each other's point of view and agree to disagree. She knows that one point of view is not always right, there can be different points of view of things, which is right in its way.

Shahid Kapoor told their wife Mira Rajput- 'Perfect partner'

The 'Farzi' actor also admitted that Mira is the perfect partner for him as she keeps him in a 'healthy place'. When asked who is the 'bad cop' and 'good cop' with his kids Misha and Zain, shahid says that he is the good cop most of the time and Mira is the bad cop most of the time, because She is a mother and she knows what is best for the child

Shahid also talked about the interior of his new house worth 55 crores.

Shahid Kapoor has recently shifted with his wife Mira Rajput to their luxurious house in Worli, Mumbai, worth 55.60 crores. In his recent interview with 'Instant Bollywood', when shahid was asked about the interiors of his house, the actor reminisced about the initial days after his marriage with Mira and told that when Mira accompanied him to their house after marriage. When she came, she had only two spoons and a plate, which meera was surprised to see.  

To this, shahid said, “Both I and Mira decide the interiors. When we got married, I had just shifted to a house, meera came to that house and she complained a lot about it. He said that you have only two spoons and a plate in this house. how do you live I said, 'I live alone, how do you want me to live?'"

Shahid Kapoor told Meera's reaction to living with fewer things

Shahid further revealed how Mira Rajput was shocked to see that her husband was living with so few things. Recalling that moment, the actor revealed that Mira was worried about how they would welcome the guests at their home. However, shahid said that now that they have moved to their new home, Mira has done everything in her way and he is happy with it. 

In his words, "They said we didn't even have a set. Mehman aa gaye toh kya, log ki khatirdari kaise karte ho? I said, 'I don't know, we order.' So now that we have a new home, we can make it just the way she wanted and she was happy. It's a home that's built for family and that's why we both worked for it. Please tell that shahid now lives in a luxurious house of 55 crores in Worli with his wife meera and children Misha and Zain.

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