With Nithya Menen portraying the title character, swapna Cinema is preparing to release the interesting online series Kumari Srimathi. Gomtesh Upadhye directs this comedy-drama, whose script and language were written by srinivas Avasarala. The crew created a humorous video to introduce Nithya Menen's character from the show, in which we hear the voices of her neighbours talking about her. 

Srimathi, a character played by Nithya Menen, is not yet married. She doesn't enjoy working at any job and instead wants to start her own company. She appears to be tough and courageous in the video. The series' impression is positively impacted by the motion video, which will be available on amazon Prime Video. Mohan Krishna controls the camera, Staccato and Kamran supply the soundtrack, and the video is produced by swapna Dutt and priyanka Dutt. Seven episodes of Kumari Srimathi, which will be released in four languages, will be available shortly.

"When do you hope to tie the knot?" If schoolchildren in india were paid a nickel for each time this question was asked, they may have enough money to support one of their nation's moon exploration projects, like Chandrayaan. indian families' obsession with marriage has always been a fascinating topic that is regularly portrayed on the big screen in both serious and lighthearted ways. A telugu series called Kumari Srimathi is almost ready to premiere and will likewise lightheartedly explore this issue.

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