The I love You actor rakul preet singh talked up about her forthcoming tamil sci-fi movie Ayalaan, which is slated to hit cinemas for Diwali. rakul discussed the alien component of the movie and referred to it as a "once in a lifetime experience." Sivakarthikeyan plays the protagonist character in the movie Ayalaan, which is directed by ravi Kumar. The sci-fi drama movie will use a lot of VFX and CGI elements. More than 4,500 CGI shots are reportedly used in the movie.

Rakul remarked of the movie, "Oh, it was an experience of a lifetime. because you're presuming there's an ET even though you know there isn't when you're taking the photo despite knowing there isn't. It must be filmed in a way that leads viewers to assume there is a genuine extraterrestrial in the picture. "You have to behave convincingly when you respond to a prop, to nothing, and to both. They will utilise CGI to fill in the blanks around you, so you must learn to stay on course and avoid veering off course. Thus, I had a genuinely unique experience there that I really appreciated.

Ayalaan also stars Karunakaran, Sharad Kelkar, yogi Babu, Isha Koppikar, bhanupriya and bala Saravanan, among others. The film has music scored by AR Rahman.

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