With their collaborative effort, tabu and ali fazal created the intriguing film Khufiya. Khufiya, billed as an espionage thriller, will soon be available on Netflix. director vishal Bharadwaj is in charge. The teaser was released by the producers, giving us a peek into the universe vishal imagined. 

The story centres on krishna Mehra, an R&AW agent played by tabu, who is given an important job that makes her battle to be both a spy and a lover. On the other side, ali Fazal's character, ravi Mohan, who also works for the agency, ends up becoming the main suspect. The narrative then dives into Operation Brutus, which entails spying on Ravi's family as well. "Khufiya" is based on the book "Escape to Nowhere," which was authored by amar Bhushan, the former Chief of the Counter Espionage Unit of R&AW, and is inspired by actual events. Starting on october 5, 2023, "Khufiya" will only be accessible on Netflix.

The trailer begins in 2004 at the R&AW headquarters in Delhi, where it appears that there has been a probable information leak. "We have a mole in the agency," a source close to the situation said. They begin to suspect ali Fazal's character Dev, who plays raw agent krishna Menon, as the mole while tabu, who plays Menon, intervenes to look into the possibility. The spies then start to observe and track every aspect of his life, including his marriage to his wife (Wamiqa Gabbi). The teaser teases that there are more mysteries to come as the crisis worsens.

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