One of the busiest musicians working now is Thaman, who is composing the soundtrack for about nine upcoming telugu films. Despite being the most sought-after among the high-profile directors, Mahesh Babu's fans are growing increasingly worried about his most recent compositions.

Cult Mama from Skand, Thaman's most recent release, received a positive reception from the public. The music director dismisses the song's composition as one of the poorest. Not only that, but he also contributed to the leaked song Jaragandi from a forthcoming movie with a significant budget. Many others on the internet made fun of that song as well for its unoriginal sound.

Mahesh Babu's supporters are now concerned about the music director's current state after listening to these two songs. Apparently, the songs from guntur Kaaram are causing them anxiety. There were earlier rumours that guntur Kaaram would show Thaman the door, but nothing of the kind occurred. guntur Kaaram's songs and updates have been significantly delayed, which has the fans even more concerned about the outcome.

Aside from the most recent trolls, Thaman is frequently mentioned on social media due to his allegedly copied songs. The music for OG's Hungry Cheetah and BRO's title theme were both taken from other songs, and the music director received a lot of backlash for it. To silence the naysayers, Thaman has to release a powerful album like guntur Kaaram, exactly like he did with Ala Vaikuntapurram lo in the past.

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