The news of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' split has been widely discussed. After four years of marriage, the couple announced their separation on social media. The couple has two daughters. The identity of their younger daughter, who was previously unknown, has been made public during their struggle to sever ties.

Sophie Turner has asked for a temporary halt to their current divorce procedures until the two daughters' custody agreements are worked up. The couple signed a temporary consent order promising not to move their kids out of designated states. Turner has also filed a lawsuit against Joe for allegedly denying the child's passport and blocking their move to the UK.

The 2019 newlyweds Sophie and Joe are the parents of two girls. The identity of their younger kid has been kept a secret up until now, despite the fact that their older girl, Willa, who is now 3 years old, is well known. Finally, the name of the younger one has been revealed amid their divorce procedures. The infant has the name Delphine. According to court records Page Sx was able to get, it has been discovered that the second child has been referred to as "D.J." The one-year-old's name, according to the most recent reports, is Delphine.

The Daily Mail claims that Sophie and Joe have come to an interim arrangement to keep their two girls in New York. Legal filings that were submitted in New York provided confirmation of the agreement. Their girls must stay in New York's Southern or Eastern Districts, which include New York City, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island, according to the court agreement, which was filed on Monday, september 25, and was acquired by

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