When his name surfaced in the most recent drug case being looked into by the telangana state's Narcotics Bureau, the telugu actor navdeep maintained his innocence. navdeep knocked on the doors of the high court for anticipatory relief while claiming he is not the actor the police are searching. And given that the actor is allegedly evading the probe, he is now likely to get notifications under section 41A.

The Narcotics Bureau is now furious with navdeep since he claimed on social media that they are looking for a another actor named navdeep but not him, but then he applied for bail when police searched his home for narcotics. Additionally, the high court today mandated that navdeep assist the Bureau in its probe and urged the police to issue notifications in accordance with section 41A. Actor navdeep might be arrested if he refuses to cooperate.

Narcotics Burea reportedly possessed significant evidence and proof regarding the communication that took place between drug dealer Ramachander and Navdeep, including whatsapp chat and call records, according to claims being circulated by telugu electronic media. His name is currently included in the chargesheet as a consumer, but things might get difficult for the actor if this position changes.

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