The similarities between the narrative and character designs of the upcoming "Kalki 2898 AD" and "Ganpath" by tiger shroff and kriti sanon shocked telugu viewers, especially prabhas fans. The main character in both films has a divine connection to the futuristic time period in which they are set. Then yet, there is still another matter that merits discussion.

The visual effects of "Ganapath" appear to be a low-budget imitation of the Prabhas-starrer, whether it be because tiger and Kriti's characters resemble prabhas and deepika Padukone's characters more, amitabh bachchan is playing a similar role, or because the futuristic weapons and vehicles were also made in a similar way.

It will be too early to worry about the content of these two films as only the teasers for them have been released, and Ganapath isn't even out yet. However, Kalki's incredibly lifelike visuals will have a significant impact, so there is where we should really pay tribute to Nag Ashwin's efforts and the enormous investment made by ashwini dutt and his other partners.

The substance of nearly every futuristic movie produced since the 1950s is identical at the same time. It is always a crisis in the future that sees the rise of a despondent as a hero in films, whether they are timeless classics produced in hollywood like the most current "Dune" or indian films like Aditya 369. So rather than waiting to witness the script, narrative, and twists of these films, there is no use in debating the plots of Ganpath and Kalki.

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