By recently releasing a trailer and poster from one of his commercial projects, allu arjun teased his fans and viewers and grabbed everyone's attention. allu arjun is seen in the video clip riding in a bus while having hindi lines dubbed for him. Meanwhile, it has been made known that allu arjun worked with the "Red Bus" company to produce the advertisement.

“Aaaaaand the surprise is out! This has been a fun collaboration with #RedBus. Be it your ‘apne’ or ‘sapne’ – with redBus, you don’t have to choose one over the other. Because #redbus…Apno ko sapno ko kareeb layer,” read the description on Allu Arjun’s YouTube channel.

The actor deftly illustrates the advantages of utilising RedBus in this endearing and sympathetic commercial while also injecting his own special brand of humour. The premise in the advertisement involves allu arjun ordering an AC bus for his pal. A businessman comments that one shouldn't spend money extravagantly since the reservation is confirmed.

Then allu arjun stresses the value of conducting business as though it were a family and promotes the amazing deals offered by RedBus. allu arjun is presently filming Pushpa: The Rule for his career. He will thereafter be seen collaborating with trivikram Srinivas.

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