SKN, the producer of 'Baby' movie, is currently riding high with success. On the other hand, he is also receiving compliments for his personality. Recently, help was announced for the marriage of a poor girl. producer Srinivasa Kumar Naidu (SKN) got good results with the movie 'Baby'. It became a blockbuster hit with collections of up to Rs.90 crores. After getting good profit from the small film, Next lined up more projects. He is in good form as a producer. They are going to screen interesting stories by taking young directors into their fold.

If this is the case.. SKN will continue to be in the news. He continues to impress with his comments. And recently he expressed his mind. What has been done so far.. A poor father from Parvathipuram Manyam district has hidden up to Rs. 2 lakhs for his child. The accumulated money was kept safe at home. But as the entire currency was defaced, the rats became gnawing. Not at all suitable for use. The father lamented that the money he had kept for marriage was wasted.


The video of the incident went viral. producer SKN came to know about the matter and came forward to help the family financially. He announced that he would help the amount (Rs. 2 lakhs) that was destroyed by twenty. He said that it is the responsibility of everyone to create awareness so that such incidents do not happen in rural areas.. to hide money in banks. All in all, the netizens and fans are appreciating SKN's work. Helping those in distress is appreciated as proof of his great mind.

SKN Next is producing films with four young directors. More interesting stories with josh given by 'Baby' are going to come before the audience. It has already been announced that they are producing four films simultaneously under the banner of mass movie Makers. Young director Sai Rajesh, sandeep Raj. Those projects will take shape under the direction of suman Pathuri and Ravi.

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