Recently, karthik Subbaraj slammed Mansoor ali Khan for his comments about Trisha. For the unversed, Mansoor was expressing his heartbreak over not being about to share a scene with trisha in Leo when he made a sexist remark and even made a joke about rape. While trisha reacted to the statement, vowing to never work with Mansoor in the future, karthik also slammed the actor.

Meanwhile karthik Subbaraj, SJ Suryah, Raghava Lawrence, santhosh narayanan and other members of the cast and crew of jigarthanda DoubleX got together for the success meet of the film, which has garnered both critical acclaim and audience support. Addressing the gathering, karthik mentioned that the film seemed to have received divine blessings, as many positive things happened unintentionally. Raghava said he wants to work with karthik again and Suryah praised the director. However, the most important moment of the event was when a reporter described jigarthanda DoubleX’s heroine, Nimisha Sajayan, as ‘not beautiful,’ prompting a response from Karthik.

After the cast and crew of jigarthanda DoubleX spoke, the audience got to ask questions. One reporter asked karthik why he cast Nimisha, saying she’s ‘not that beautiful’ but performed well. karthik replied, “How can you say that she is not beautiful? It is your mindset, I guess. It is wrong to say someone is not beautiful. That is a wrong judgement.”

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