She is the one who asked for a divorce..!? 2nd marriage condition..!?

Actor vishnu vishal, for the first time, has shared interesting information about what happened from his divorce from his first wife Rajini to his second marriage. Actor vishnu Vishal's movie 'Lal Salaam' is getting a good response. vishnu vishal, who participated in the promotion of this film, has shared information about his divorce and second marriage for the first time in an interview given to a popular website. vishnu vishal wanted to become a cricketer. But due to some reasons, vishnu vishal, who quit cricket training completely, went to work in the IT industry and then looked for opportunities to act in films. In that way, he got an opportunity to act in the film Vanilla Kabadi Kuzhu which was released in the year 2009 under the direction of Suchinthran. As the first film gave him a huge success, he subsequently acted in films like Bale Pandya, Drogi, Kullanari Kutam, Neer Parivai, Mundasupatti, Jeeva, uday Yekar Kagu, Vellannu Vandatta Vellikkaran, etc.
Vishnu vishal fell in love with Rajini, the daughter of famous actor Natarajan, who worked as an assistant director in the film, especially when he was acting in the film Neer Parivai, and married her. The couple now has a son named Aryan. vishnu vishal, who tied the knot with Rajini in 2010, broke up in 2018 due to disagreements. vishnu vishal, who did not talk about his divorce in an interview after their divorce, has now opened his mouth for the first time.In the interview he gave about this, he did not decide to get a divorce from his ex-wife. Even when asked in court, she said that she wanted to separate from him. He said that he was calm. Following this, he talked about falling in love with and marrying Badminton player Juala Khata, saying that after breaking up with Rajini, he never thought that he would get married again in his life. That's when he met and started dating Juwala Khata. She is a very positive girl. When he started dating her, he made it clear that he had a son and that he was not going to get married again. But she said she liked him. It was only after that that it seemed to him that why ignored the wishes of others by pointing out a problem. She was also a divorced woman and she wanted to marry again and have a child, and he liked Juwala's gentle nature, and after this, he decided to marry her for the second time and changed his mind.

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