Rajkummar Rao responded on plastic surgery...

Film actors and actresses often resort to surgery to look good on camera. Many celebs have done this and people said the same after seeing the latest pictures of actor Rajkumar Rao. For several days, a picture of his was going viral in which his different style was visible. people talked different things about rajkumar rao on social media but now the actor has answered it. Bollywood's famous actor rajkumar rao is busy these days in the promotion of his film Srikanth. Meanwhile, while talking to india Today, he also spoke openly about the rumor of plastic surgery, in which he told the secret of his changed style.

What did rajkumar rao say about the rumor of plastic surgery?

While talking to ABP, rajkumar rao was asked, 'A picture is going viral on social media in which it is being said that you have done plastic surgery on your chin. Is there even a little truth in that rumor?' To this rajkumar rao replied, 'When I saw that picture, I was also surprised whether it was me, I didn't even think. It is true that 8-9 years ago I had a small filler inserted.

Rajkumar further said, 'I was told that this will balance my face. I have not had any plastic surgery. I have also done fillers just to make myself look better. Only after that I have done many films and if you can do small things to make yourself look better then why not but you should not do anything that makes you look different from what you are..'

When will 'Srikanth' be released?

The film srikanth, directed by Tushar Hiranandani, is a biopic. In this, rajkumar rao will be seen in the lead role and will be seen playing the character of Srikant Bolla. srikanth is a blind man who is a businessman and the story of his struggle will be shown in this film. The film srikanth is being released in theaters on 10 May 2024. Artists like Jyotika, Alaya F, and sharad kelkar will be seen in the film.

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