Aishwarya and Umapathy Viral Wedding Photos..!!

Arjun's daughter aishwarya and Thambhi Ramaiah's son Umapathi were in love and their marriage ended yesterday. Now their wedding photos are out and going viral. Actor arjun is fondly called Action king by tamil cinema fans. Although he made his debut in the kannada film industry, it was tamil cinema and tamil film industry fans that gave him many hit films. arjun, who has crossed the age of 60, has not had an opportunity to act as a hero in recent times, but he prefers to play strong characters and villain roles as befits his age. Similarly, arjun became famous on the small screen three years ago by hosting a show called Survivor.
Arjun is married to Nivedita and they have two daughters aishwarya and Anjana. In this case, aishwarya participated as a contestant in the Survivor program hosted by her father and was in love with Umapati, the son of Thambhi Ramaiah, for the past few years. aishwarya Umawati's engagement was completed in october last year to give the green light to their parents' love. Only family relatives and friends were present. Following this yesterday, the wedding of Umapati and aishwarya Arjun was completed in a grand manner at the Anjaneya temple where actor arjun was built.Only certain friends and relatives attended their wedding. In particular, thambi ramaiah is also very close to K.S. Ravikumar, and Samudhirakani. So they have attended and congratulated the bride and groom. It is said that this happened because the family wanted the wedding to be a private event. But the Umapati-Aishwarya wedding reception to be held this evening is going to be very grand. Fans are also congratulating the couple. aishwarya made her debut as a heroine in the film Patthu Yanai. Similarly, Umapathi Ramaiah is also one of the emerging actors. It is to be noted that the movie 'Pitthaalamaathi' starring him is releasing on june 14.

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