Legal Battle with Ilayaraja..!? No rights over the songs..!?

Echo Company has argued in the madras high court that it cannot claim rights to the songs of musician Ilayaraja. Companies Echo has signed a contract to use about 4500 songs released in Ilayaraja's music. A case was filed in the high court by ilayaraja alleging that even after the contract was signed, the companies were using his songs without obtaining a copyright. When this case came up for trial, an order was issued in 2019 that the music companies have the right to use the songs in the album after obtaining the rights from the producer.
Ilayaraja appealed against this order of the High Court. A two-judge bench that investigated the matter ordered an interim ban on music companies from using Ilayaraja's songs. Echo then appealed, claiming that since the copyright was with the producer, they had the right to use the songs under their contract. This appeal continued by Echo Company Judges R. mahadevan and Mohammad Shafiq was heard before the bench. The lawyer who appeared on behalf of the music company then argued that since the composers were working on salary, they had lost all rights except royalty.The case came up for hearing again yesterday. At that time, the lawyer for the Echo company argued that ilayaraja, who had not entered into any agreement with the producer regarding copyright, could not claim any rights over the songs. It was also argued that the producer was the first owner of the patent. Subsequently, they ordered that the hearing of the case be adjourned on june 19 for Ilayaraja's defense.

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