Girlfriend beaten to death on the road in Mumbai, raveena tandon said after watching the video 'My blood boiled, people could have saved her'

Raveena Tandon Reacts On Vasai murder Case: raveena tandon is very angry about the murder that took place in the middle of the road in the Vasai area of Mumbai. She has expressed her anger towards the people on social media.

Raveena Tandon Reacts On Vasai murder Case: On Tuesday, in the Vasai area adjacent to Mumbai, a lover killed his girlfriend in the middle of the road. The accused hit the girl's head several times with an iron wrench, due to which she died. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. In this, it can be seen how ruthlessly the accused is committing the crime and the public is passing by. No one tried to stop that crazy person. Actress raveena tandon has shared this video on instagram and expressed her anger. 

What did raveena tandon say about the Vasai case?

Raveena Tandon shared a media organization's post on X and wrote angrily, 'All the people standing there could have easily saved him... shameful. My blood boils to see that no one came forward. Sometimes one should just be conscious. He did not have any sharp objects, all that was needed was the courage of two people. Such miscreants are cowards. As soon as they see resistance, they run away. Such liars hide behind lies.'

Raveena in the headlines for road rage allegations

Let us tell you that raveena tandon has been in the news on social media for the last few days. Recently, a video of Raveena went viral in which a crowd surrounded her and the actress was accused of road rage. It was said that Raveena Tandon is trying to save her driver in this case. The matter was investigated and raveena tandon has been given a clean chit. 

Raveena filed a defamation case against the person who spread the fake video.

The actress's car had not hit anyone. raveena tandon has now filed a defamation case of 100 crores against the person who made the video viral. Raveena Tandon's lawyer Sana Rais Khan told india Today, "This false video has been spread against Raveena to tarnish her image. The motive behind spreading this false video seems to be extortion and to gain cheap popularity over Raveena's dignity. We are taking all necessary legal steps in this matter and are ensuring that action is taken against that person."

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