Anupam Kher Expresses Gratitude To mumbai police For Nabbing thieves Who Robbed His Office 'Within 48 Hours'

Actor Anupam Kher expressed his gratitude to the mumbai police for apprehending the thieves who had stolen from his office. On Sunday, he shared a note on Instagram.

Actor anupam kher expressed his gratitude to the mumbai police for apprehending the thieves who had stolen from his office. On Sunday, he shared a note on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of the thieves along with the police and screenshots of his and the police's social media posts.

Anupam Kher thanks the Mumbai Police

Anupam Kher's note read, "My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the mumbai police for catching both the thieves who ransacked my office, stole my safe and the negative of #MaineGandhiKoNaiMara. The fact that it was done within 48 hours speaks of their amazing efficiency!! jai Ho! (Folded hands, heart eyes, and National Flag emojis)."

Mumbai police on burglary at Anupam Kher's place

Earlier, the mumbai police had posted on Instagram, stating, "Investigating the complaint of burglary in azad Nagar, Amboli police station officials, using technical investigation methods, traced the two suspects within 24 hours. The investigating team also recovered the stolen property, which included a movie reel, cash, and an iron vault."

According to PTI, Majid Sheikh and Daler Bahreem Khan were arrested in the Jogeshwari area on friday night. The police reported that the two were serial thieves who traveled around the city by autorickshaws to commit thefts.

About the burglary at Anupam Kher's office

The burglary occurred on wednesday at Anupam’s office on Vira Desai Road in the Amboli area, where the thieves stole the negatives of a film produced by his company and ₹4.15 lakh. They also committed another theft in Vile Parle on the same day. A portion of the stolen property was recovered from the duo.

Anupam recounted the incident on X and Instagram, saying, "Last night, two thieves broke into my Veera Desai Road office, broke through two doors, and stole a safe from the Accounts Department (which they probably couldn't open) along with the negative of a film produced by our company. An FIR has been filed, and the police have assured us that the thieves will be caught soon. CCTV footage shows them sitting in an auto with the stolen items. May god give them wisdom. This video was made by my officers before the police arrived!"

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