Tanushree Dutta On Nana Patekar’s Response To metoo Allegations Against Him: 'He Is Scared'

In a rebuttal to Nana Patekar’s denial of metoo allegations against him, actress tanushree dutta has labeled him a “pathological liar.”

In a rebuttal to Nana Patekar’s denial of metoo allegations against him, actress tanushree dutta has labeled him a “pathological liar.” This response comes a day after Patekar dismissed Dutta's claims that he sexually harassed her during the filming of the 2008 movie 'Horn OK Please.

In an interview with Zoom, Dutta expressed her frustration, stating, "He is scared. people can see through his manipulations now. 

Nana Patekar Reacts To metoo Allegations Against Him

This comment follows Patekar's recent interview with Lallantop, where he addressed the allegations, saying, "I knew that the allegation was all a lie. That’s why I didn’t get angry. When everything was a lie, why should I be angry? And all those things are old. They have happened. What can we talk about them? Everyone knew the truth. What could I say at that time when nothing like this happened? Suddenly, someone says that you did this, you did that. What would I have answered to all these things? Should I have said that I didn’t do this? I know the truth that I didn’t do anything.

Tanushree Dutt on Nana Patekar's comment

Dutta pointed to past incidents to bolster her claims. Referring to a widely reported incident where Patekar slapped a boy during the filming of Anil Sharma's movie, she said, "How big a liar nana patekar is the whole world knows now after the varanasi boy slapping incident during the shooting of Anil Sharma’s film. Nana first tried to make it look as if slapping the kid was part of the shoot and then got severe public backlash for trying to cover up his abuse. Then suddenly took a U-turn and apologized half-heartedly.

Dutta continued to assert that Patekar's influence in bollywood has waned, suggesting that those who previously supported him have distanced themselves. "Now, he is scared and his support base in bollywood has dwindled. All those who supported him are either bankrupt or have sidelined him. people can see through his manipulations now and thus he comes up with another major gaslight. Responding to a six-year-old allegation! nana patekar is a pathological liar.

Dutta cited various actors and directors who have allegedly spoken against Patekar, questioning, "Are all of them liars too? If he can slap and hit directors then misbehavior with women is no big deal for him, don’t you think? 

She mentioned veteran actress Dimple Kapadia, who reportedly called Patekar "obnoxiousin a YouTube interview, adding, "She is a liar too? What about the varanasi boy whom he slapped for no reason? He is a liar too? So many people cannot lie. nana patekar himself is the liar.

Reflecting on her own experience, Dutta expressed regret over her involvement in "Horn Ok Please,saying, "My biggest regret in life is to agree to do a song with a flop character artist whom no one cares about."

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